RAD140 seems to be the most potent SARM developed yet, actually having a greater anabolic affect than Testosterone and when taken with testosterone, actually enhancing its effect...



SR9009 basically is like GW/AICAR on steroids---using it effectively mimics exercise to the point muscles react in the same way as if they have been trained and producing a profound metabolic boost.


RAD140 combined with TRT Test and SR9009 could be one of the safest, low side effect and efective combinations yet discovered.

I see a few places have started carrying these, but unsure of their reputation or even if they are the real deal. Southern SARMS and SARMSsearch are a couple places I've seen, but neither Unique nor SARMS1 has yet so I am a little leery of that...

Any idea when SARMS1 might be carrying these?