I am 36 yrs old and have tried with success two 8-12 week cycles per year for the past 3 yrs. My cycles have usually been Deca/Dbol (winter) or Eq/Winny (summer). I am now finally going to try a test (Prop). Height 5'7" and weight 170#, bf 12%. My proposed cycle looks like this:

Prop wks 1-6 @ 50mg eod.
Anavar wks 3-11 40 mg/day

I would use more Anavar but cost prohibitve. My main concern is the Prop. I have always been fearful of hair loss with test but with such light dosage for only six weeks I am hoping the sides are few. Is 6 wks of Prop enough? I am only using the Prop to kickstart the cycle and keep my libido high. Again, I have never used test so I believe 6 weeks would be beneficial. I am looking to gain maybe 5-10 pounds and lean out a bit. Thank you for your response.