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Thread: Running ready for the European Grip Championships

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    Running ready for the European Grip Championships

    So, come Saturday, 28 April 2018, @ 10:00am, I'll be competing in the 2018 European Grip Championships. I've competed in a few winning 2 (2008 Germany and 2012 Spain) as well as 4 British titles. Gear, such as it is, enables me to work harder and stay competitive in my 50's (I'm 53). I'm also quite the planner. Below are the events. I'll add in records, my PB, see what time I've got to bring up my numbers. I'll look at who is competing and, like a bookie, work out the odds. In other words can I win and how?

    1. Two Hands Pinch Lift
    2. Axle Deadlift – Double Overhand Thumbless Grip – 20” Lift
    3. Stub Lift (one hand)
    4. PickAxe Lever to Rear Lift (one hand)
    5. Snapping of two x 6” nails, or one 6” nail

    I've a little over 15 weeks. In my gear stash, currently, I've 50 x 20mg dbol (Genesis UGL), 100 x 10mg dbol (RoidMass), a little under 100 x 50mg OxyM (ROHM) and 50 x 50mg Anadrol (same as OxyM but by RoidMass). I've other bits and bobs but these two will form the main cycle of about 10 weeks. I've also 2 x 30ml S4 and 2 x 30ml Caradarine as well as a 30ml bottle of Aromasin. I'll make arrangements to add to what I need over the next few 5 weeks. Plenty of time for getting it all together
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