Hey all,

want to get my feet wet for the first time, and test out sarms.

Hoping to gain strength/mass, while trimming a bit of fat... (bone strength/density too, not sure if I need to specify this bit, but it's something in particular that I desire, this may fall under the mass/strength aspect).

been doing a bit of research, and see that recomp is apparently the best of both worlds, far as mass+ trimming off some fat. (I'm in good shape physically, compared to the average person, can drop & push out about 50 push-ups).

Saw the following from an article I read;

The holy grail of fitness. Adding mass whilst losing body fat.

A recomp will happen if:

You’re completely new to training – think less than 3 months of training
You’ve never followed a structured training program for over 6 months
You’re coming back from a long lay off/injury
You’re taking anabolic steroids
Taking this approach if any of the above are applicable means you can afford to be in a slight caloric deficit whilst gaining mass.

I seemingly fit the criteria, as I check off every point above, and recomping apparently is the cream of the crop... Been looking at the sarms1 cycle bundles, been procrastining on it for a bit now. Thinking about taking the leap now, would the recomp cycle be a good bet? Can I go for it? any advice/input would be appreciated.