I've been reading/watching, educating myself in the past trying to understand how it's done and all that stuff. Huge props to Dylan Gemelli for making things clear for me on what to do and what not to do on first cycle, test dosages as well explaining about the AI's in general. And I hope he will never stop making vids, coz they are awesome and educational.

I don't wanna bother you anymore but I'll start.

Currently I am 26 yold, almost 27 (September), have been working out for 4 years (maybe 4 years is not that enough for a cycle but still decent "maybe"). I am planning on doing a first steroid cycle. Body fat should be around 11% (might be even less).
My stats: 6,3ft, 207pounds. I did put some decent amount of size in the last 2 years, because I had to figure it out myself about the diet and all that stuff, so once I've had that covered and learned how my body react to certain type of food and what I need, had a really great performance in the gym overall.

Inspired by Dylan Gemelli video about Test dosages, I am gonna run 300mg enanthate per week (just don't advice me to go above this, I won't go, it's my first cycle so I wanna feel how it is to be on steroids and how my body will respond to that).

12 weeks of Test Enanthate @ 300mg/week, pin twice a week (Monday(morning) and Thursday(afternoon) which should be exact 3.5 days)
12 weeks of HCG @ 250IU, pin twice a week
12 weeks of 10mg Aromasin ED/EOD

5 weeks of Nolvadex ED
5 weeks of Clomid ED

Now, I do have some questions.

1. Do you think HCG at 250IU would be good enough?
2. When I pin myself with Test Enanthate, do I need to pin in the same day with HCG? If yes, does it matter if I pin before test injection or after test injection? Any other rules I should follow or that's pretty much about it?
3. Just to make sure, when ordering HCG does it comes in powder form so I have to do the mix myself? (I have already read myself that for 5000iu vial I need to add 5ml of bacteriostatic water) **If anyone need the instructions, CLICK**
4. After mixing the HCG with the bacteriostatic water how long will it last if refrigerated?
5. Does the other stuff like Test, Aromasin, Nolvadex and Clomid need to be refrigerated?
6. Is it advised to actually pin myself in the shoulders with an HCG rather than doing it in the stomach? (Most likely insulin syringe)

And the very last question.

7. When do I know when to take Aromasin? (I know I've wrote 12 weeks, but I've watched the video of Dylan and it really confused me when it came about when to take and the dosage, but I think the dosage of 10mg should be fine but still all depends on blood work).

So I will be doing the pre-cycle the blood work like it's recommended, let's say everything is great (which should be great), and I am ready to rock with the cycle. When do I start taking Aromasin? Or Aromasin should be considered after doing the 2nd blood work (mid cycle, at 5-6 weeks) after seeing the results?

Thanks in advance!