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Thread: Anabolic Steroid Research Study- Help us better care for men on AAS

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    Post Anabolic Steroid Research Study- Help us better care for men on AAS

    Mods- if this is not allowed per the rules please remove. I attempted to PM mods for permission, however it would not allow me given this account is new

    Members of our endocrinology team at Wake Forest Baptist Health are currently conducting what will hopefully be the largest ever survey on anabolic steroid use. Dr. Thomas O'Connor is additionally working on this project as a third-party collaborator.

    We are doing this in order for the medical community to become more educated on AAS use, and ultimately, so that we may provide better care / resources for men whom have used or are using AAS.

    If you are 18 and over and have used steroids in the past 5 years, please consider taking our survey here: -it's completely anonymous, only takes 5-10 minutes, and you'll be greatly expanding the research on steroid use in order to help men worldwide.

    We also did a video with more explanation here:

    We sincerely thank you for your help and time
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