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Thread: Started my second S4S cycle today

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    So after my off day yesterday I hit triceps super hard today for and hour and 30 minute's I was going to do cardio but got called into work early so I had to split after my weight training.

    I did 6 different variations of tricep cable pushdowns , 5sets of 10 for dips 140 total reps of skull crushers and some single arm tricep kick backs cable and dumbbell variations.

    I can say 4 days in and the pump is coming in very strong and holding from my first set to the end and even after outside the gym I stay pumped for a good hour or 2 , its the most incredible feeling getting and keeping the pump

    GW is really starting to shine already as my endurance is going up consistently each day all and all today was awesome and I was in the zone yet again.

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    love this !!!

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    Just like clock work my GW and Clomid came in the mail today on time as promised, also the new CC feature they offer is fantastic as well and well worth it , got my bottles got my droppers my invoice and the thank note which is always and awesome touch.

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    Gym was busy today so I had to be creative.

    I did back today, started out with machine rows and it only goes up to 195lb so I did 195lb for 5 sets of 10 moved over to the lat pull down machine and did 5x10 at 195lbs at this point the pump was crazy good and I was feeling it all over . Made my way over to barbell rows and did 225lbs for 5x10 after that made my way over to a bench and did some db rows laying down 40lbs 5x10
    Did standing dumbbell rows 35lbs 45lbs 50lbs 55lbs and 50lbs for sets of 10. And after that I made my way over and did 30 minutes of cardio.

    Admittedly I still have a long way to go abd fat to lose but the crazy thing is under neath I can feel my core becoming harder along with other muscle groups just sitting or standing I can feel it and my shoulders have definitely blown up and gotten bigger and wider just looking at myself in shirts and the mirror.

    Overall it was a great back day and my endurance drive and strength is slowly starting to increase each day .

    This was day 4 for me of my 12 week cycle and so far so good on all fronts. I feel great and very positive

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    Update for everyone

    At the start of the week I did chest and biceps

    5x10 at 205lbs wide grip
    5x10 incline 145lbs
    Close grip bench 185lbs 5x10
    Cable cross overs 35lbs 5x10 2 different variations
    Body weight push ups 5x10
    Than did 4 different isolation movement's 5x10 20lbs for each movement

    Dumbbell curls 20lbs 25lbs 30lbs 35lbs and 40lbs 5x10
    Cable curls 30lbs 5x10
    Rope curls 30lbs 5x10
    Reserve barbell curl 20lbs 5x10
    Hammer curl 20lbs 5x10
    Spider curl 20lb 5x10
    20 minutes of stair stepper cardio

    Tricep day was yesterday

    Started on cable push downs 70lbs 80lbs 90lbs 100lbs 5x10 5 different variations of push downs all at these weights, super setting in-between with single arm tri push downs 20lbs 5x10 for each variation of cable push downs
    Tricep work with rope grip 40lbs 5x10

    5x10 dips for Triceps

    Standing tricep extension 20lbs 30lbs 40lbs 50lbs 60lbs 5x20

    Went over to the Dumbbells and did tricep kickbacks

    20 minutes stair stepper cardio

    Today was back day

    Lat pull downs 180lbs 200lbs 200lbs 200lbs 200lbs 5x10

    Seated cable rows 200lbs 220lbs 240lbs 260lbs 260lbs 5x10

    Bent over barbell row 225lbs 5x10

    Row machine 195lbs 5x10
    Lat pull down machine 195lbs 5x10

    20 minutes of stair stepper cardio

    All in all since starting my cycle I've seen my strength and endurance already going way up with ease and im definitely very sore every day as ik pushing much heavier weights in all lifts, its a great kind of I busted my ass sore and earned it.

    So far so good with my recomp on rad lgd and s4 other than some slight sensitivity in my eyes I haven't gotten any yellow tint or vision issues with adjusting from dark to light.

    Definitely getting some hair shedding with rad but I expected that as its common and happened last time taking organ and liver defender everyday and keeping my dose of s4 6 hours a apart has worked great haven't taken any days off of s4 and all good

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