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You should not use HCG at all relative to a test'-only cycle, Jacked Turtle, for it simply isn't necessary. HCG is a wonderfully beneficial compound, but it is only called for following the use of much harsher compounds, such as tren', superdrol, anadrol, etc. So too should it be used for only three weeks; during the final week of an aggressive cycle, as well as for the following two weeks - the two weeks leading up to the beginning of PCT. Dosage should not exceed 1000IUs per week.
I was just reading multiple posts from people on other forums about using hcg during cycle to stop your balls from shrinking, low dose of 250IU 2x a week throughtout is enough instead of just blasting hcg a few weeks before pct.

While I agree that test only isn't a harsh cycle, I've seen people recommend it for test only and say they've recovered faster using it but I've also seen people say it's unnecessary for a test cycle and made no difference.

I don't mind doing it for a couple of weeks before pct or not doing it all if it won't effect recover but a low dose throughout cycle while controlling oestrogen might not hurt. I will research it more.

Yeah, 1st cycle. I agree that 500mg is probably too much, I thought about 350 or 400 max but was reading about 500mg being "best" for beginners. It's a first cycle and I'm not in a rush, not looking to gain a bunch of water either, is 400 fine or do you think 350 is enough?

Stats are 6'2, 210lbs, 11-12% bf, 28 years old, training 6 years

This was my thinking too, Maybe not be necessary but won't hurt and might make recovery easier[/QUOTE]

If you're really 6'2, 210lbs, 11-12% bf those are near pro stats so 350 will do you well.