Hey fellas,
Been quite a long time since I posted on here but I have been reading quite a bit of previous posts and there are definitely 100s of them regarding this stack. My issue is there is lots of good information getting shared by everyone about this stack but it’s scattered through different members posts which makes it quite difficult to scan through. Last thing I wanted to do was post another deca, Dbol and test thread but if I could get some straight answers on one post that would be great.
I am 27
245 pounds
16-18 percent body fat

I want to run a cycle again.
Specific questions I have are
1) how long should I run deca for? I read posts that longer than 12 weeks can ruin hpta? But too short is a waste?
2) I read the perfect pct protocol. Should I replicate it minus the nolva? Read you shouldn’t run nolva with a deca cycle.
3) if someone knowledgable could layout the perfect deca, test e and Dbol cycle for my perfect pct that would be awesome. I only trust evolutionary. Thank you for your time