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Thread: TRT Plunge

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    TRT Plunge

    I need some opinions/advice. I recently had my bloods done and test is at 206. Doc said insurance won't do anything unless
    it's under 175. I've consulted with a Rejuvenation clinic in Florida and they explained their process to me and it will be expensive.
    At least initially. He spoke about all they test for and about using hcg and an AI (anastrozle/arimistane). I asked why they wouldn't
    use exemestane and he gave me the whole suicide inhibitor song and dance. I am going to try a different doc locally and see if I can
    get it through insurance. Here is the question, finally. If I go with the Florida clinic should I go with the whole testosterone-ai-hcg combo
    or go with test only and see where i am after a few months bloodwork wise? Or should I just get test from them and get my own exemestane
    to use as an ai? What about hcg? Is it necessary? I am 43, soon to be 44 and have two kids with ZERO intention of having any more. EVER.
    LOL. I've broken the news to my wife and she took it surprisingly well. She's of the Nancy Regan opinion the Just Say No is the way to go. We
    obviously disagree. Or should I get my script from the clinic and after 3 months or however long it takes to get my numbers right go the ug route
    and just do routine bloodwork through my family doc? I appreciate you guys giving this any consideration. This is a life changing decision that I
    am about to make and it is good to hear from people in the know.


    PS. I am from the metro Detroit area (Michigan) if anyone has any good doctor or clinic referrals for me.

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    1. do not use hcg. that is a scam, just another way for them to make money off of you.
    2. TRT should not cost a lot of money. you aren't doing enough to find a doctor. forget the anti aging clinics. your best bet is an endocrinologist or urologist.
    3. if all else fails just do self TRT for a while. that will be the cheapest route anyway, then one day you can get a script
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    Your numbers are so close to it being covered that I would just do a few things to lower it and have another blood test. Don't get a great night sleep, take the test as late as they will allow you to, train hard the night before. Those will help.

    Or just do self-TRT. That is cheap and effective as long as you stay current with blood work.
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    You are almost at levels where the doctor will prescribe you TRT.

    There's not a whole lot you can do but your best option is going to be:
    1. Train EXCESSIVELY the day before your test to completely wear yourself out. I'm talking 3-5 hours of working out.
    2. Sleep as minimal as possible the day before the test.
    3. Take the test as late as possible as testosterone levels decrease later in the day
    4. Drink a hefty amount of alcohol the day before the test
    5. Eat a diet very high in simple sugars and carbohydrates the day before the test. Exclude saturated fats and essential fatty acids in your diet the day before the test as they are very pro-testosterone boosting

    I suspect if you do 1-5 and then get the blood work done, your testosterone will levels will be below 175 and you can get a TRT prescription.

    If that doesn't work, I would just order testosterone from a UG lab and self prescribe TRT. Check the source reviews section on the board here if you are looking for a source.

    You DO NOT want to use HCG ->

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    I have been on prescribed TRT before and I would go the cheaper route and get it myself if I was you. You could keep trying to find a different doc, I'm really surprised he's saying your not low enough. I was at 500 and never had a prob with insurance covering it. You can save a lot by getting it yourself. Either way you go, I think you need it with those low numbers.

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    The problem I had with insurance is the in office injection requirements. Basically I would have had to go to office couple times a week for shots. I choose to pay cash and office supplies all goods plus lab work. Pay automatically by CC every month, supplies show up via fedx and they call to check on me every so often. Supper convenient for me but certain I'm paying for that as well.

    UG would be the cheapest way and really TRT is not complicated. Start off low and increase every 6 or 8 weeks until you find your sweet spot. Also there are guys here that can give you a link to get private labs done if your state allows so never have to go to doctors office. Just order the labs and go to clinic to have sample taken, results show up for you online.

    BTW --- personally TRT was the best thing I have done.

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