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Thread: Unintended use of AAS / Prohormone

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    Unintended use of AAS / Prohormone

    To start from the beginning I've been working out for a while i started when i was 15 about 90 lbs (yes skinny).
    Currently 18 and currently 150 lbs (somewhere between 5'3-5'4), still not heavy nor buff but that's okay. I had no clue to what i was doing the first 2 years but i liked doing it.
    So in my previous year i made some okay gains since i studied training and nutrition but wanted to take it to the next level so i got a Personal trainer.

    He is ripped dude with very respectable muscle mass.
    We started a program i dropped 3% body fat in 4 weeks. gained 1% back the next 4 weeks because i slacked. On the last checkup he told me he would get me a supplement that would aid building lean muscle mass while being able to burn fat. Excited.
    Product came in, 1 androstene-3b-ol 17-one (1-Andro). Had no clue what it was didn't bother researching because i trusted the dude. Made notable gains in 4 weeks and lost more fat, I had the first 4 blocks of my abs showing which was more than I've ever had. Rounder pecs. bigger and fuller arms, more vascular and a bigger pump while training. the biggest gains were the in shoulders. i obtained that '3D' shoulder look.

    Because i was so surprised as to what this magical supplement was that i googled a lot about it.
    Turns out that 1-Andro is what you could call a pre-pro-hormone. 1-Andro gets into the body by pill is non-methyl(at least) and gets converted by a enzyme to 1-Testosterone (7,7 times more powerful/potent as regular Test)
    Still pretty excited until i read about the side effects. The only side effects i'm afraid of are the ones that have to do with your hormones such as:

    1. Shrinking of the balls
    2. Big reduce of natural test production/ 0 Production (so you wont have any test in your body after the andro cycle)
    3. Loss of libido
    4. Unable to keep a erection

    I didn't really care so much about the hair-loss and blood pressure side's
    I contacted my trainer about this and he claimed that those were false statements since 1-Andro is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) it regulates your androgen receptors to only bind to test.
    So that i wouldn't increase test levels but made the natural test more effective.
    Mixed articles read on multiple forums.
    To be safe since i don't want any hormone problems i researched more on the 1-Andro. Multiple sites suggest just to be sure using a PCT after a cycle, some say you MUST use a PCT after a 1-Andro cycle. Some said clomid and some swore by nolvadex
    As far as i am aware the difference between those 2 is that Nolvadex is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) cause the Estrogen receptors to be occupied thus not being able to bind with the Estrogen that is in the body, making it a passive hormone not doing anything. sounds good.
    Clomid Should kickstart your balls again to produce test a bit and have them up and running at the end of the clomid cycle (4-6 weeks). If i were to use common sense i'd say use both. To both Reduce the side effect of the Estrogen in the body due to low natural test levels with Nolvadex, while also using clomid to get your balls back to producing test and live a happy live after.

    Now am i not even sure if the product he gave me is even real 1-Andro since it was rather cheap considered with the ones in the US. these were produced in the EU.
    I've tried to do a hormone test to see how my natural Test production is and how it will be after the cycle to see if it really dropped. Doctors said i could only get a test with a medical condition.
    I now have been trying to look around to see what would happen if i were to take Nolvadex/Clomid while never on any AAS (1-Andro).
    Nothing to find but people asking why would you, 0 answers.

    Right now i'm rather confused on what to do next. My trainer claims it doesn't suppress natural test levels/production, he uses it himself as well. If it did he would've needed a PCT as well and if that were the case why would he not tell me to get it. There would be no good reason for him to purposely **** me up if i didn't look into any of this.

    While some sites on the internet say yes to a PCT post 1-Andro cycle. And some say No to a PCT post 1-Andro cycle.

    Any advice, experience on this topic?

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    Identical to the other thread.

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    check the other thread
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    Duplicate post buddy.
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