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Thread: Women’s Anavar and Primo Cycle

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    Women’s Anavar and Primo Cycle

    Hi Everyone,

    New to this forum but have been getting some good information so far from here so thought I would register so I can ask some specific questions.
    I’ve been lifting for around 5 years now and have previously dabbled in AAS (tried anavar and winstrol previously) on short cycles of around 6 weeks and seen moderate gains. It was a few years ago however but want to try this again as I have a better work ethic, good diet and clear direction of what I want to achieve.
    Currently sitting at 154lb (5ft 3 & don’t know BF%) with a good amount of lean muscle but do need to focus on learning out some to then see where I then want to focus on building more, although have a bit of pesky fat I really need to lose to then plan ahead.

    Diet consists of around 1500-1700cal per day macros are 140g carbs 140g protein and 30g fat daily. So as far as I can see diet is on point 6/7 days with one day off.

    Training consists of 45 min LISS (mainly cross trainer) 4 days per week in the morning and weights on the same day in the evening, every other day with a days rest in between.

    I lift a mixture of both heavy and mediocre for reps, during my sessions I like to mix it up for both strength but also love to finish on higher reps to get that pump towards the end.

    I’m looking at a cycle of Anavar and Primo, 5mg var twice per day stacked with 12.5mg oral Primo twice per day.
    In addition to this to help with fat burning I will be taking 1ml thermo-lipid which I’ve seen good results on previously.
    I’m looking to burn fat along with keep what I have muscle-wise but if I do build a little along the way then I’m fine with that.

    I’ve always read forums then tried and tested stacks myself and dosed things on how I feel but it’s always good to get input from others out there who are in the know!
    Interested in hearing your thoughts on both cycle, diet and training really!

    Thanks in advance

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    you def have everything mapped out well for yourself.

    i think there are some tricks though that you should know about that will help take you to the next level

    1. fasting, learn about it. i've done podcasts on it, written on it and have an Ebook in my signature. if you can tap into fasting you can get tremendous results
    2. don't get so caught up with 'counting everything'. i burn this many calories a day, i eat this many carbs a day, i eat this many macros of fats. all that counting works if you are a robot, not for a human. the best athletes in the world cycle all that stuff anyway. you don't want to eat the same amount of food daily so counting how much you eat doesn't really work in the long run. plus how many times do i hear from people who say they are 250 calories short of their 'target' for the day so they say "hey let me have some pizza or ice cream so I can hit my macros". does that make any sense?
    3. sarms. again look into these with all the free info on here. great option for females and far safer than steroids
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    Stevesmi did a great reply

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    Seems like a great layout so far. I would only include Cardarine and N2slin to help with leaning out.

    Cardarine 20mg per day dosed all at once and N2Slin 2 caps before meals.
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