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Thread: Caber or P5P

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    Caber or P5P

    So Iím wondering what would be the better option. Is P5P studied enough to be trusted to control prolactin issues if it arises ? Iím going to run tren A 100mg a week and donít want to b caught out without a back up . Cheers

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    Don't know about studies,you would have to research for them,though I've ran P5P with tren and had no prolactin issues,it's also a lot safer than caber,only effective if ran at high enough mg but don't over do it,can become a problem in itself,if I remember correctly I ran P5P at 400mg -600 per day,you shouldn't have any prolactin issues at 100mg per week though,it's rarely a problem at low to conservative doses.

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