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  1. Not much up here. Just trying to gain knowledge so that I can be successful at this BB hobby. I am looking for advice about running my first cycle. So many varying opinions on women taking test. I've ordered npp, test E and deca. I planned on pinning 50mg of deca along with 50mg of the test weekly. If sides begin to occur, i will run half the dosage and pin every other week. What do you think about that? Alot of people are saying run the var along with either EQ or primo. So I do have a bottle of var coming now...I am not from SC, I just live here LOL. I was in the service once upon a time and this is where life landed me...
  2. whats up love the pic lookin great. Lemme know if you if you need advice or have questions. ive been on here a little while and used several sources with success. where you from in sc? i was stationed in goose creek for a little while in the navy
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