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  1. no problem
  2. Got it thanks
  3. you will be fine to dose like that
  4. Starting week 9 soon.

    For the M1-Mk I saw that should take

    3 first thing AM
    2 30 min before workout
    1 15 min before workout
    1 right before workout

    My workout is first thing in the morning but I usually do have about 45 min from the time I wake up until I get to the gym. Ok to follow the same plan above? Just didn't want it to be a problem take all 7 in a 45 minute span.
  5. no problem
  6. Thanks man very very helpful.
  7. 1-12 GW-501516 (CARDARINE) 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m.
    1-12 S4 (ANDARINE) 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg 4-6 hours later
    9-12 M1 MK by Banned Nutrition (

    Mini pct 13-16

M! MK by Banned Nutrition (
    Cardazol by Banned Nutrition (
    gw-501516 20 mg day
  8. I think some how i ordered the wrong cutting stack or think i can make it work?

    The 12 week one i got came with

    Also got the pct stack with

    The 12 week cutting cycle and the 12 week cutting stack is different on the website didnt notice.
  9. nice man, good luck with the cycle
  10. Not yet but I'm sure I will soon.

    I'm supposed to get everything tomorrow. Going to take a blood test sometime this week I just need to get time to run away from work to run down to the lab.

    Hopefully all is well and start next week.

    Should also add its been months since I've counted calories/marcos so I have no idea what my TDEE is. So I started today and aiming for 1500 daily intake before any cardio or exercise and see how my body reacts this first week. I was using 1500 on my previous diet when I came down from 200lbs. But I had tons of cheat meals so I'm guessing/hoping my daily requirements are higher now so I can eat a little more.
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