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  1. Thanks for the reply. The commercial gym I go to here in the UK doesn't have many serious lifters unfortunately. Back in Hungary I got my gear from competitors I knew, but here I thought ordering online should be easier, however I find it difficult to determine which sources and which labs are worth ordering because each one of them have both positive and negative reviews. I'm currently considering ordering either Balkan Pharma, Sphinx Labs, Magnus or Cooper, these are the ones I've found with the most consistent recent positive reviews. Do you have any experience with any of these? If so, do you have a recommended source or do you always get them from your local gym?
  2. Hi Dida, given I can walk into many gyms in the UK and find a source why do you wanna order online?
  3. Hi Mobster,

    I recently made an order from for SIS labs orals and Dragon Pharma injectables. Now I've made the mistake of only googling after ordering, and pretty much every forum I've visited is saying that SIS labs orals are bunk, so now I'm looking for a domestic UK source to order some dbol/var from. I would love to get Balkan Pharma and I looked at this website called that I found on eRoids, but it seems very shady. Do you have any recommendations for an UK domestic source? I would prefer to order domestic if possible.

    Kind Regards
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