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  1. Hey Steve sent email to you about consult looking forward to hearing back. Thanks again
  2. sure, it is $99 per 30 minutes hit me up [email protected] and we can get it setup
  3. Hey, talked to you in past. Was looking for consultation if your still doing those. Need some gym advice
  4. Hey Steve, looking to pick your brain on some gear selection along with diet questions. If you would shoot me a private and we will go from there. Thanks
  5. sarms1 does not sell PCT items. but PSL does, check the banner above
  6. Hi stevesmi, I read a lot of your post very informational Thanks. I got in touch with mark king at s1. Iím still a little confused on getting my pctís from him. He said buy a sarm and he will get what I need different brand. Was looking for nol,clo,armi. Any advice or coupon code? Thanks again
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