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  1. the smell is probably from the waste from the steroid oils that are being sweat out. you could simply try another brand but yeah you can run that stack without test. there is no requirement to ever use testosterone
  2. Hey Steve. Long time reader no time messager lol.
    Quick one

    Currently on blast with dbol,tren,mast and test. Now every time i have used test cruisin dosages or when i first began years ago my armpits smell terrible even after a shower. Plus my scalp gets itchy whenever i do heavy exercise and get hot. Was thinking of dropping test and keep the other compounds going. I have read where u have said test is needed. Whats your thoughts? Tren,dbol,mast be ok without test.
    Im just sick of the stink side effects from test plus test never really hepled my libido. The tren and dbol do though.

    Thanks for your time mate
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