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  1. Very good no problem buddy! Thank you!
  2. If i knew someone I would send them your way. I honestly don't. you can try selling them on other forums that allow that sort of thing to be posted
  3. Steve quick question for you, I recently had to stop a sarm cycle I was on due to injury that will require surgery, I have about 3 bottles of rad , 3 bottles of MK and 3 bottles of s4 and 3 bottles of GW.. all from sarms for sale of course, all un opened.. is it possible to sell them to someone who maybe looking to run a similar cycle and give em to them. I don't want them going to waste! If not no big deal bro , figure i ask and don't wanna break the forum rules
  4. if you cannot PM then sure give it to me here and i will delete it after
  5. Yeah man that would be awesome ide love to check out the ebook, and im going to listen to your podcast now. Should I post my email here? I'm going to try and absorb all the information I can. If it's gets a little confusing ill definitely be reaching out for the 1v1 pal
  6. check out that podcast. also i have an ebook in my signature you can buy off amazon. and if you give me your email address i will be happy to send you that ebook free. also i recommend jason fung, he has books and youtube videos. also feel free to post a thread i will answer your questions there. finally i offer consultations for a fair fee and we can go over the best way to do it to fit your lifestyle, let me know if that interests you too
  7. Hey Steve, I heard around the forum, your the guy to go to about intermediate fasting. Never done it before and wanna give it a go, but not sure where to start, I read something about a 16/8 schedule, is that something that is effective? I'm about to start my sarm cycle in a month or so, wanna have it down pat before I start the cycle. Any help would be awesome!
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