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  1. Hi JP, Is the PCT protocol which you mentioned every day dosage? I have stopped at 11 weeks due to the fact my last week 12 shot was missed as i was on vacation. Im ready for PCT but wanted some advice on 4 week PCT versus 6 week. Is 6 week overkill? Also what is the best timing on when to start PCT? Any recommended improvements would be appreciated.
  2. No worries JP. You have already been more than helpful and i would not do that to you. Appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions.
  3. If you give the Exact Details on how you are going to run this Cycle.
    I can point out, where I think you need some improvement.

    Not exactly sure what you meant by a Test-250 Cycle.
    You meant the Mg/Ml of the Test was 250, or that's how much you were doing per week.

    Basically, I would do a 12 Week Cycle of Test @ 500 Mg a week ~ either C or E.
    Break in up into 2 equal shots.
    Run Aromasin as your AI @ 12.5 Mg (1/2 tab), every other day.

    As for PCT, don't think you need the HCG, as a Test Only Cycle usually doesn't give you Testicular Atrophy.

    So then I would just run Clomid and Nolvadex for 4 Weeks each.
    Clomid ~ 50/50/25/25
    Nolvadex ~ 40/40/20/20
    And if you wanted to, you could run a Test Booster like HCGenerate................... JP
    Just noticed this note, it didn't come to my Visitors Message on my Page.
    MoneyGram is all over the place, every Mom and Pop Store around me has one.
    Yes the Site is .me and I live in Philly.
  4. Ive done 2 small cycles in the past both were test 250 for 10 week cycles. I did these when i was in my late 20's and were spread out. The question i have is i never used any ancilleries during or for pct however i think now that i am almost 40 it might be a good idea. While i know you are not a doctor and dont have a silver bullet but what would you recommend as a must to take during and or as pct? Since im cycling expectation is that i bring my normal test levels back after the cycle. Not sure if hcg is required if i take the right pct once my cycle is completed after 10 weeks. Just doing a test e 250 cycle no major anabolics or stacking. Thoughts, suggestions, recommendations based on your experience? I know everyones body is different. Just trying to avoid the catabolic state post cycle and get my natural production flowing again.
  5. Just Google MoneyGram for Locations near you.
    I probably have over 20 Locations within 3 Miles of me.

    I've been using Roidsource dot me for alot of my Domestic Shipping.
    They have a $100 Minimum and $15 Shipping.
    While they ship in the U.S.
    Their Server is Offshore, and he destroys all customer info after order has been received.
    It's a Small Company, and they do lots of business, so they Close from time to time to Restock.

    I do also use Basicstero for some Items.
    And for some of my Ancillaries, I use ReliableRxPharmacy, as all their stuff is Pharma-Generic........... JP
  6. Ok now i see what you mean. Can i ask where you are ordering all your gear from? All the shipping i have seen is at minimum 25-30 flat rate. Also since this will be my first order i dont want to blow the bank if i get scammed. Trying to do all my research first. Appreciate you taking the time to answer my newbie questions. Once again just looking for some 250 test e. Couple vials should be fine to get me going. Do you know of any moneygram locations in the states?
  7. Shipping rate was $29 per 8 Oz or 250 Grams.
    That's more than 1 Vial.
    1 ~ 10 Ml Vial weighs about 9/10 of 1 Oz.

    So in theory, you should be able to order 8 Vials.
    But for me, even my Small Orders are 10 to 12 Vials.
    That would be $58.
    I normally only pay between $15 Domestic, and $20 or $25 Overseas.
    And that's Irregardless of the size, or if it takes them 2 Packs to ship it.................. JP
    When it comes to Western Union or MoneyGram.
    You should always go In-Person to avoid them Denying the Purchase.

    I had Western Union deny an On-Line Purchase many years ago.
    And they held my Money for 3 Days.
    And I have an Account with them for many years.

    MoneyGram is by far the best and cheapest way to send money.
    I've Never had them Deny any Purchase.
  8. I think i finally figured it out. Several of the sites i had tried creating an order did not properly provide the western union info. With my most recent order for they provided the correct information. The question i have is you mentioned the shipping was per vial. They only charged me the 29 once. Where were you seeing per vial? You think they can ask for more money after the fact? Would seem shady to me if that was the case.
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