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  1. hi, it'#s been a while and it seems genesis has shut down? do you have any other good UK sources? thanks
  2. Exactly the sort of feedback that's gonna make me recommend them again to others (3 this week alone). Damn I ought to be on commission!
  3. Good. Sorted then. I've had a few UK guys contact me and yours is the first feedback I've had. Glad to know they've been coming through.
  4. So contact them. Or get onto the payment (what's TTM??) people and block it. I'm also confused by you making a 2nd order when it's 'too early to tell' in the first line?
  5. Let me know how you get on. I knew their local rep (dead now - od'd) and he gave me some products to try. Worked for me hence the recommendation
  6. thanks buddy, just made an order
  7. thanks for the help, do you have a current web address for them? im not sure what i'm finding is the same source, thanks
  8. Have a look at genesis-ugl who are based here
  9. hello i'm looking for some safe sources in the UK? i've just moved to a new city and can't go to my old source, appreciate any help you can give, cheers
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