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  1. and yes hit me up when you are ready for consult
  2. Hey Steve who would you recommend right now to order from that is good and fast?
    Thank you
    I would like to do the consult at the turn of the year
  3. we can go over anything you wish in a consultation. I am PM'ing you the info now
  4. Hey Steve itís Jason
    Iím 48
    I want to start a cycle. Perhaps HGH

    What do you recommend?
    If I were to do a Skype session with you what would you help me with?
    Thank you
    Oh where do you recommend ordering from?
    We have messaged before
  5. Hey can I get info on Domestic
    Thank you
  6. Hey Steve it's Craftybigdog
    How can I chat with you. I have a ? Just don't want it posted everywhere. I don't have enough messages to private message you
  7. Can I get roid mass coupon
    I canít pm yet. Not enough post. Thank you
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