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Thread: GP tren a100 and gp tren e200 mixing?

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    You can mix them but I would just pick one and go with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benat View Post
    Planning my next cycle and wanted to know what other users are doing. I'm 233 lbs right now 6' and trying to get shredded and gain mass my plan was just to use test/tren but now I want to use 2 trenbolones like a tren sustanon style ester mix. I understand I need to use acetate and enanthate 1 time per week for this to work like 100mgs acetate 200mgs enanthate right? like sustanon injection.
    Hey man,
    To achieve your goals is Proper Dieting, I mean Proper Dieting, As far to maintain mass Gains TREN E and Sustanon is good stack, I would consider adding T3 to the Mix possible other Orals Winny or SuperDrol
    anther alternative Blend TMT 450 is superior Blend as well. please be note having Estrogen Blocker on hand is important.
    Thank you.

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