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Thread: Hey Dudes

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    Hey Dudes

    My name is Pete. I am new to this forum. I have been recently receiving e-mails from NTBM and I have been so impressed that I thought this would be a great forum to join.

    A little about me. I just turned 47 in April. I have been training now consistently for 3.5 years. I am 6'1" about 275 lb.

    I used to compete when I was in my 20's in both bodybuilding and powerlifiting events. Boy, I wish that I knew then about this sport what I know now. I am a student of the sport and follow it closely from the bodybuilding perspective and lightly on the powelifiting side. I do not do as much powerlifiting these days as I have a touch of arthritis in my shoulders and knees from my previous years of hard training. I am still able to Bench Press 425 lb. on a good day. I can rep out easily with the 120 lb. dumbells as well on the flat bench. This is of course when my shoulders are feeling OK. Some workouts are better than others.

    I went away from the sport in my 30's as I got the good professional job, got married, had kids, etc... Got screwed over real bad in a divorce. I tried to make the pain go away by doing a bit of excessive alcohol consumption. Guess what? It did not work. I finally picked myself up off of the floor about 3.5 years ago and went back at the weights.

    As I said earlier, I am trying to get away from the powerlifitng style of lifting due to age, risk of injury, and arthritis and move towards a more bodybuilding type of training. Any powerlifter will tell you that this is extremely difficult because exercises such as benching and squatting can really let your ego get in the way.

    I look forward to receiving input from the forum on various topics.


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    Hey Pete! I know I've chimed in on some of your other threads, but welcome to the forum!

    I hope you find plenty of information here and if you ever need anything, just create a thread if one doesn't already exist and we'll be all over it.

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