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    Sorry: I do have one last question Eddie - when one goes on HGH, is the objective to keep one’s IGF-1 in range or to go above range if I were to go on it for say 6 months?
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    Thank you a million times Eddie.
    I hope the other monkey a-hole is given the boot swiftly!
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    But isn’t my relatively high IGF1 number proof that my HGH is functioning well already? Is it possible to have high IGF1 but low HGH?
    I would have thought that they are directly correlated and work together.
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    i will certainly open this discussion with my doctor. Last question: would the measure of GH bring any more valuable information than what I already have with my IGF1 level? or is this latter measure sufficient in and of itself?
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    thanks Eddie, very interesting perspective indeed. I shall do this, absolutely. For reference, I don't know where my GH levels are, they weren't measured so will ask for it. However, my IGF-1 was tested, and it is at 24.2 nmol/l, so more in the upper range (lower level: 9.8 - upper level: 28.8 nmol/l). What does this indicate? that I'm supposedly not in need of synthetic GH? or we cannot say anything until both IGF-1 AND GH have been tested? thanks again!
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    hi Eddie,

    I wanted to ask for your opinion seems you have experience being on HGH yourself.

    I really would like to go on HGH, but I spoke today to steve Smi and he told me it might not be such a good idea in my specific case.

    I'm 45 and as you may recall from one of my threads, I have a benign tumor at the pituitary gland which elevates my prolactin.
    It's called a microprolactinoadenoma, "micro" because the tumor is small, ie less than 10mm in size.
    My endocrinologist is very confident that the treatment (caber) will rapidly normalize prolactin levels and that within two years, the tumor will disappear.
    I actually wanted to wait until my prolactin levels have normalized and then go on HGH at 2 IU per day.
    However, Steve thinks that because HGH essentially multiplies cells, he's concerned that going on HGH may actually increase the size of the tumor instead and potentially do more harm than good.

    Do you have any opinion on this?
    Thanks in advance!
  7. Yes, I'm a part of rather rare breed; the breed known as poltically conscious Americans.

    Take care, bro.
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    Thanks for all the additional information bro!

    SupremeThinker eh? Has a good ring to it, if only I was that narcissistic :’)

    Promedications has some fantastic reviews but as always they get lost in translation with all the source bashing and paid promotions. I will definitely look into that since you have recommended them.

    Likewise it’s very rare to come across a high IQ knowledgeable user who hasn’t thrown their morals out the window for the sake of some promotions.

    Saw a couple of your recent threads on Monsanto etc and your bang on.
    Keep dropping those truth bombs buddy,

    From your brother in the UK,
    Kind Regards.

  9. Your username should be Supreme/Thinker because you are one of the precious few here at Evo' that are willing to think for themselves.
    To answer your question, my source for HGH is
    It isn't cheap - $1.300 for 100IUs. But real HGH is never cheap.
    Yeah, this PSL and its $327 "HGH" is quite the joke.
    So, too, does Promeds charge a $50 HGH/peptide delivery fee, which is why I always purchase 1100IUs once per year; during the Christmas rush so as to take adavnatge of U.S. Customs being very busy. :-)
    The good news, though, is that I'm fairly certain that Promeds is still giving customers a free vial for every ten vials that they purchase. But, like I said, I'm not certain of that.

    Be well, bro.
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    I can only really reply as a visitor due to the limitations on my account unfortunately.
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