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    Perfect! Thank you so much!
  2. Most excellent, broheim! You're good to go! Rock on!
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    Yes. So hes specilized on Sport and generell health and he is in contact with Doctors from all different "topics".
  4. That's good to know. And is he an endocrinologist?
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    He is the best in my Town and my family and me are going to him since 20 years or so and he really listens to the patients and how he feels. So I should do it yeah?
  6. Hey, Jerome! The haps'?

    Yes, 200 is actually quite low for someone your age. Your test' count should be at the very least 300. By way of comparison, at 60, my off-cycle ng/dL is right around 600. So there you are.
    But, no, 200mg per week of synthetic test' is not an excessive amount. Moreover, 200mg per week is what your endro' prescribed and that is what it should remain unless and until you find it to be problematic, which I don't think you will. Never will I tell you to go against the advice of your physician, and you shouldn't listen to anyone who would advise you to go against the advice of your physician.
    With that said, do you like your physician? Does he or she listen to you and explain things to you?
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    Hey Rick. So im no more interested in doing a cycle and more been focussed on my Diet to bulk on some muscle. So lately ive been to my doctor because I was feeling tired all day even though I was sleeping well over 9 hours. And my bloodwork came back and it was showing low testosterone?? I personally didnt really thought that i have that but my dad has low testosterone too.. Well my doctor advised me to do TRT to rebuild my natural testosterone. He said he would perscribe/do 200mg/per week? Isnt that way too high? He said my Testosterone is way too low for my age.. Its at about 200ng/dL? I dont know about the average Count but yeah.. Advice please..
  8. AAS damage still-developing growth platelets by way of stunting them, thereby bringing about any number of ailments such as osteoarthritis. Steroids, in relation to still-devlopng growth platelets, interfere with a process known as growth fusion; the meaning which should be obvious.
    Moreover, an increase of estrogen levels can "serve" to close-off platelets to where, not only is their development interfered with, they can be stunted altogether. And a spike in estrogen levels is something that happens on occasion and even when we take aromatase inhibitors whilst on cycle. Now, in my body that condition is not that big of a deal. I simply adjust my AI dosage or what have you and then continue on with the cycle unabated. But in your still-developing body that situation is very likely to be disastrous, and there would be no way in which to correct it.

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    Hey So can you tell me what would happen negativly to my body if I would take like 400mg of test per week? With proper PCT and HCG etc.? Just to really feel on whats going on then. Thanks!
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    You, Sir, are a class act. A true gentleman and extremely helpful to complete strangers like me. Hats off to you for what you do for the community.
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