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    Right now my goal is really just to get as lean as possible, kinda a broad way of putting it i know and might be making my comparisons against physiques that are a bit unobtainable. ive ran 3 bulk cycles previously and saw very good size gains ( lost a lot of it afterwards due to being a student and not living the healthiest life all round) but always sat in the 12-15% bf range so would like to just see how "shredded" i can get. Overall goals is tough to say the previous year or two i was simply bulking up as much as possible without putting to much fat.

    Was hoping with this cycle if i could get as shredded as possible my goal afterwards would be then to just try and sustain that and stay at maintenance for a few months while i recover and set myself up for a lean bulk over summer.

    Right now? i mainly want to just get as shredded as i can while working on overall fitness levels as ive got a bit burned out with the bulk bulk bulk mentality ive had the last fewyears
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    hey, not bad m8 , was feeling a bit down yesterday but got over myself , know i need to leave the scale alone but weighed myself this morning again and it wasn't as bad as i thought weight was the same as the previous week rather than being up 3 pounds so wasnt the end of the world in the end. got a good workout in today, how are you doing?

    height is between 6'3 and 6'4 probably closer to 6'4 if i had to say. Weight as of waking up this morning was 200.6 pounds. BF% is hard to say i'd say probably 12-13%, pretty lean from the chest and up but store most of my fat in the mid section where its hard to judge accurately, i could send you a picture if that would help but my mirrors a bit shit

    message was to long for one reply ill post the rest in another comment
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    hey, wasnt able to pm due to my post count , but would you be able to send me the example meal plan you talked about? in terms what i have available its mostly chain supermarket stuff. Iv'e gathered from some other replies that the diary and wheat isn't the best so i should replace that. I check out the diet plan linked by Muskate and judging by that i should be adding more nuts/seeds in a replacing stuff like sardines with salmon and tuna. although some of the stuff like flax seed im not sure if i could get.

    Also could i ask you some follow up questions on what you said about fixing my metabolism. when you say stimulants do you mean caffeine and ephedrine or something like clen?

    meal timing wise sort of seen some mixed stuff on skipping breakfast/not eating in the evenings but one area where i have been messing up is eating my last meal not long before bed.

    and lastly thank you for the advice you have offered me so far, i appreciate you taking the time to do so.
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    Oh alright, so I can just request for no signature with customer service? Because after the refund I was just going to wait until the domestic US products were back. I havenít gotten email confirmation that my payment was received either but it already went through on bitcoin side.
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    Hi can I cancel my international order with PSL? I already paid through bitcoin but international requires signature and itís not safe for me.
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    Whats the TA for international since your closing domestic down for a week?
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    What about your word though brother? Seen a lot of good things about PSL.
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    Looking to get top quality Primobolan to stack with Test Cyp which Iím already on. Heard lot of great things about PSL, esp from stevesmi. Also needing Aromasin, or exemestane. Anastrozole is sort of working for me, but really need to control estrogen.

    Saw your test results for Primo, 95 mg. Iíve seen test results on Anabolic Lab with Valkyrie, AS Labs, and Dragon tested at 100mg of primo per 100mg. Just want to make sure Iím getting best quality gear. Do you know about these other labs, and how you compare?

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    Please see thread HERE

    Seems Batch no. EP-0217A1 is severely underdosed
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    Hey vision putting new order in this week decent size let me know if you can do anything in reference to the tren. Email [email protected]
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