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  1. Thanks for the info. I need sources.
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    To make it easy start with testosterone enanthate or cypionate, about the same really, and inject it once a week. 200/ml. Many will tell you twice but its not necessary for long ester compounds. Dianabol oral if you want about 30mg a day. I take 20mg hour before workout and the other 10mg opposite end of the day. Take .5mg of arimidex a day to control estrogen. Do this for five weeks and get another blood test done to see where your at. If you need info on sources I have put countless hours into that and have nailed that down thanks mainly to this site and other places. I only like those that have a pharmaceutical type operation and not someone just brewing their own and selling it although there are some many folks like.
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    Welcome to this outstanding forum. I had to break up my message to get them to send. You will have to read them from the bottom up, lol, to make sence of them.
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    I like deca because you feel really good on it and it is a mass adder. As far as orals, anadrol was hard on me and made my prostate swell up. Dianabol is awesome for me. If I had to do it over again I would go with the Dbol first and not look back. Dr told me to take it on lifting days only. 25 to 30 mgs is a sweet spot for me. If you want to do oral only to start you still need to use testosterone as well. Its a base for everything. 200/ml a week of test would be a great place to start. If adding the other injectables is of interest let me know and I can share more info I have learned from dr and others that know their stuff.
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    Under my Dr guidence, who has a background in waisting diseases which provides a great working knowledge of steriods, started me out on a testosterone trenbolone hgh stack with my choice of anadrol or dianabol to jump start. Many will advise that tren is not a beginner steriod which isnt bad advice but is not necessarily the case in all situations. Biggest problem is folks taking to much of it. This first run transformed my small framed ectomorphic frame. I felt super awesome! The other thing you will hear is you cant run tren and deca together. Dr said you certainly can but just have to watch the total dosage.
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    Get a baseline lab done first. Go to and select "browse tests". Select "hormone panel for men" or women. Most choose the female panel, it will ask you if your a male or female for the test, because it will show test levels over 1,500. The male panel stops there. I would select the male panel because it reports PSA levels and as far as test level you will be fine as long as you have good gear. After you select the test LabsMd will guide you to a local test site and email your paperwork to take with you. You can also just go to your dr and get a physical with blood work and prostate test, which isnt fun I know. If you have blood pressure problems, cholestorol issues, possible cancer problems, or prostate problems then gear is a no no. If you have any of these problems gear will make the problem worse. Once you have a baseline your ready to go.
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