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  • can u please tell me how to delete this thread and how this system works. is it not allowed for new user to post thread abt source?? why every one is picking on me like i have done a horrible crime. i do not understand what did i do wrong. i really do not know abt this system i join today and i see some source reviews nad i see websites i used for ordering.
    Hi Bro!
    Can you send me your email through my website?
    I can't write you PM because I need write 100 post on forum.
    So all vermodje products now have the verid website sticker on them?
    I have a couple here that have not got the sticker.
    Specifically oral
    Got you order and mailing info. Shoot me an email if you do not receive your products by Thurs at the very latest.

    Samson Supplies
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