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  • Hi Beastly,
    I came across one of your posts which really interested me about using magnesium oil, k2 and d3 to reverse balding.
    I'm only 21 and male pattern baldness has really fucked things up for me, is there any chance you could give me some tips and advice on how to regrow my hair? How and how often should I be using the supplements, and how long was it before you saw results?
    I really appreciate it and you would be helping me more than you know,
    Hey bud any chance you could shoot me your advice on hair loss . I'm not bald but hairline is starting up....thank you for you time.
    Hey bud, I ran into your post on hair loss. Im thinking of dipping into SARMS since steroids def cause hair loss. could you show me a good way to fight it when I do? My hairs been slowly taking a hit over the years, my dads bald so I never stood a chance haha right now I just take fish oil, muli, vit D and vit C. If you could help me out Id really appreciate it. O and by the way steer clear of isolate proteins, they kill your hair if it's in your genes. I was drinking it all day and lost hair I could never get back.
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