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  • Hey brother, would u know any powder sources, I've got all the equipment and materials ready,, just need the powder now.
    i went wit 101fitness pharm a cycle and i used for my last cycles he had gud pharmacon gear im on the look out for promos or discounts for this cycle, tinkn of runnin hgh which is costly itl b first time usin hgh, ave u ever used it
    I didn't I just order enough for myself. Small orders nice and discreet. I prefer 101 fitness pharma because they were faster delivery and could use PayPal. But they have to restock. But muscle develop used western union and that can be a pain but iI always got everything delivered no problem
    seen ur review for 101fitnessphama are dey legit, ive been caught few times b4, n u had no problem receivin it in ireland im in ireland aswel, wat part are u in u, can pm on stitch84, new to this forum
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