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  • Hi..I just wanted to ask you a question via pm,but since I am new my message will not go thru. Can you pm your email?
    hey man, got your pm. Like i said, i can not pm in return as i do not have 100 posts. pm me again with your email so we can actually have a conversation. thanks bro
    hey bro. can't pm. not enough posts. but i can receive pms.. if you would so kindly pm me your email i would like to discuss your hgh
    What's up man. New to the online thing, not new to juicin'. A little bit about me, from the Bay Area, never had a need to buy online until a solid ass supplier of mine was locked up. I was getting pretty damn good gear from a connect out in Scottsdale,AZ. Im talking bout he had injectable DBol at 50mg./ml.

    Anyway, Im looking for a pretty decent online hookup. If you can't give a connect, at least point me to the right direction. Im not here to waste my time or anyone else's.

    Thanks in advance
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