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  • Hey there,

    Recently moved to Vancohver lost my rep. Have been actively searching top to bottom for a reputable Syn supplier if you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey, I was looking for some good ugl connections for Canadian product. Were there any good sources you would recommend and could hook me up with?

    Hey there, I recently moved to fort mcmurray and don't have a source. I seen on a thread you might have some good canadian sources. I'm a new member so I understand if that's a bit sketchy
    Hey i live in toronto and am looking for a good source i only have access to mission but I'm not impressed thus far. If you could help me find something better inno, newport, kanye, eclipse, anything like that please pm me i would appreciate it! i would send pm but i don't have 100 posts
    Can you provide me a european source that ships domestic? Looking for human grade gear. Tks MrD
    Dear friend ,

    Greetings from Greece,

    I want to take your advise to order steroid powder , can you suggest suppliers? I am intersted for the following:


    Thanks in advance!
    Hey I'm just looking for a solid peptide source. I saw your post mentioning that they all come from the same distributor except 2 companies thanks
    Hey I saw your comment on that forum about cheaper raws where you said you have your own sources for raw powders is there anyway you point me in the right direction I joined this site just to ask you that but actually like the site the more I read.
    Hey, I was hoping we could talk about either Robolics or alpha pharma? From following your comments either sounds like a win, I was hoping you could pm/email me with some info? If there's anything you need from me first please ask!
    I sent you an email, but I really need some help with finding a quality source. Any points in the right direction would be very appreciated!! ~ S
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