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  • Here, you are surrounded by a tribe of kindred spirits, united by a shared thirst for exploration and a relentless pursuit of excellence.
    only up
    Hey just going off your reply lgd on it own first time more then fine then lgd and rad second time around will be ok ? Clomid pct if I can’t get he what is going to be my biggest loss out of this or what else is available (aus) I will continue listening to your podcasts as well thankyou
    Hey mate just wondering if you can help me?
    I'm in Australia and placed and ouder with s4s and they cancelled my order and have not replied to my emails. Cheers mate
    Hi Dylan
    I was hoping for some sarms advice.
    Im finding female info hard to find on forums.
    I have been working with a coach for 3 yrs with good results building muscle.
    I am a female 50 yrs 5'4 65kg
    W training 5- 6 days
    5x cardio
    nutrition tracked and check ins weekly.
    i have come off a primo and anavar 8 week cycle 6 weeks ago and I want to start cutting
    Id like to try sarms for my cut but dont know a lot about them and believe legit sarms are hard to get in australia.
    could you recommend a cycle and somewhere to read and research them.
    I do have trouble cutting for some reason. We have gone to 5/2 with 2 days at low cals to get my body to respond and it has work .
    Have also tried clen to cut but it actually has the opposite effect and makes me sleepy the higher dose I go. Which obviously suggests ADD or something along those lines. ( I work in medical ) .
    anyway any help would be appreciated.
    [email protected]
    Thanks in advance
    Hey I recently purchased winstrol for recreational track running. I am wondering how I should dose it being 6 feet 146 pounds and 8% body fat and if I should stack it with anything else for strength gain for speed and endurance if at all.
    Thanks Dylan. I was looking for notifications on my profile not realizing that visitor messages don’t function like the regular messaging feature, my bad . Thank you again
    Hey Dylan, Can you put me to the right person about an order with S4S? I placed an order Sunday and haven’t gotten a confirmation. I get one every time very quickly followed by tracking.
    Hey Dylan hope you’re doing well. I am currently running mk677, ostarine, and sr9011. I finished a deca, Sust, tbol cycle a couple months ago with pct. Everything’s going well I believe. Gained a total of 22lbs and two months out I’ve held on to about 12lbs of it and strength is stable. I am in my late 40s and pretty sure I have low test after considering all the research I did prior to my cycle and my symptoms (it was my first since a small cycle in college in the 90s.) I of course need to get blood work done for many reasons but also to check for low T. Should I be off the mk and ostarine and sr9011 before I get blood work done? Any guidance from you would be appreciated.
    I take it you never heard of that before? I also get super bloated When using Anavar and winstrol... im a mystery lol 🤦🏼*♀️🤷🏼*♀️
    Hi there! I been following you for a long time! I have just started a clen cycle... and I know it’s bizarre- but I’m retaining a large amount of water. Any ideas what it might be?
    Hey man just wanted to say thanks for all the info and guidance you put out there. I watched every damn one of your YouTube videos before starting PEDS. I feel like I really gained a good foundation of knowledge from your content so that I've went about it in a fairly safe manner. So thanks bro, you are appreciated.
    What’s up bro?! I’m looking to start a SARMs cycle and currently eyeballing Ostarine, S4 and Cardarine as a stack. What’s your opinion? Also from what I’ve researched a mild PCT would/could be needed so I’m wondering if it’s mild do you think N2Generate would be good
    Every time I search a source that I hear good things about elsewhere, I see some negative reviews here. Good to know people are being legit here. I need to make sure when I get toremifene it’s legit for pct. recommend somewhere? Thanks
    oh i thought i read its a side effect to raise them a bit. ill stick with this then. one more thing.. my estrogen pretty much crashed. too much adex, im scared to be on 400+ test and not use an AI but to make it back to somewhat normal should i just skip adex for the week of injections then go back to say .25 2x a week?
    im currently on ostarine and cardarine. not much of a change of anything yet. about 2 weeks but thats ok. anyway, i have tbol leftover from previous cycle but my liver is still a little high. i know ostarine has been said to increase levels a bit but i get much better results from tbol, so is the liver level increase comparable where i should just switch over to tbol for 4 weeks? or is ostarine much milder on the liver? also dont feel like donating every month when on orals so also a reason i went with ostarine. thanks.
    I’ve taken t3 plenty of times and recovered within 2 weeks back to normal. Thyroid is very resilient but I understand people get nervous about it. I just wasn’t sure how it worked with other compounds
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