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  • My estrogen is currently 112. Last month it was 127. I'm on Tren, test. I'm taking arimidex 1mg every other day for 2 months. My doc. Who is experienced with gear and knows what I'm on put my on 10 mg of nova daily. I said I've heard that's wrong he said it blocks the receptors. I need your help, this doctor never steered me wrong is I'm confused. I'm also on 4 iu's of HGH . Thank u for your help!!
    So what one is supposed to have the chunks/pieces of solid material in them?
    And THANK YOU so much, no one from sarms1 has replied to me about this issue. I really appreciate it.

    Could not reply to private message as I'm new to this site.
    Hey I need your help on something, i just got my triple stack in the mail, and none of the bottles were labeled, plus two of the 5 bottles had hard chunks of what look like tissue or leaves in them. Is this normal ?
    Have spent quite a bit of time over the past months learning and reading. I am a 40 y/o endurance cyclist (current labs; T 520 free T 50 GH 0.1 and everything else was grossly normal) and wanting to increase endurance, strength while decreasing recovery times and fat. I am considering a 16 week cycle of GW and with the Complete SARMS Support stack ( ). Now I have the following questions;
    Would I need a PCT? (I don't think so, but making sure)
    What dose would you recommend?
    Is a 16week cycle feasible considering I need to peak the first week of August?
    Is there something else you would recommend instead?
    I mean no disrespect bro I saw an old post about gw I'm tryna grab some but can't find the shit hit me back if u got any leads
    I read your post on the S4 Osterine stack, I am a woman and was curious if the dosage is the same.
    I used anavar alone last competition season and loved it.
    I want something not a steroid and stumbled upon the Sarms.
    I compete (figure/physique) again in 19 weeks, and was hoping you could point me in the right direction for proper cycle length and dosage.
    With that I am also a competitive CrossFitter year round...

    Hey Dylan, I just finished my gw from sarms1 for 30 days and just ordered some more today but I don't want to stop the gw cycle so my question is I have a half of bottle of gw from unique, do you think it's good enough to use it until sarms1 gw arrive? Still have a month of mk from sarms1 left and how long do you think I can stay on gw and my for? I am planning running them for 8 weeks 20mg a day on the gw and 25mg of mk a day, I am using them purely for long distance endurance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thank you.
    Hello. How are you?
    I've noticed you are very knowledgeable around the boards.

    I was wondering if you could suggest a good oct and pct plan for me?

    I am planning a 12 week cycle of test e at 500 mg per week (250 mg twice a week)
    With the first 6 weeks also including 25 mg of dianabol every day

    Obviously with this stack I am concerned about gyno and I want to make sure my oct and pct are perfect and are perfectly suited to this stack/cycle.

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Dylan I got a quick question. Can I run GW while on a cycle. It sound dumb but the only stupid question is the one u don't ask.
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