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  • Hi, I was wondering if you could send me your best sources? I know you probably get that a lot, but I want to hear it from you directly please? And was wondering if you have a discount code for any of them I could use? Thanks.
    Just finished a mini cut. Goals right now are to add as much lean mass as I can. Not looking to do it fast or anything like that. Just want to do something that has the lease amount of side effect and best gain as far as lean mass and strength.
    Hey man thanks for the reply on my post. Definitely going to stop for now since it’s only been one pin and get a better game plan and a little more knowledge. You mentioned sarms and helping guide me a little to get me started. I would really appreciate that. Thanks man
    I have been researching for awhile on the site and you seem to be very knowledgeable. I’m gonna run a Test E ~250-300 weekly. Not my first time running a cycle. I was a moron when I was younger never ran AI or a legit pct. Would like to run a proper AI and PCT as I’m 30 and would like to not mess it up. Had an issue with gyno when I messed with hormones a long time ago and want to avoid having that happen ago. Any recommendations on AI and PCT would be good. I’m thinking .5 eod of arimidex PCT unsure if I really need everything listed in the sticky thread or not. Thanks ps I’m 204 6’2 roughly 6-8% bf plan to get blood before the start too. What should I request for the blood draw...
    Hey Dylan,

    Sorry to bother you, it’s Nicolle246 (cant PM yet). I had a question about esarms and you’re obviously expert on the subject.🙂 I put in an order with them on 2/21 at 0300 (I work overnight sometimes) It’s been well over 24 hours -3 days not including the weekend- now and I still haven’t gotten a response. I did email them as well with a question and no response either (also well over 24 hrs ago). I was wondering if you had any advice on how to proceed or if that’s normal and I should just continue to wait?

    Thank you so much for your time and everything you do,
    Hey Dylan,

    I am looking to buy from esarms.. could you send me a coupon code please? I would really appreciate it!
    Starting week 9 soon.

    For the M1-Mk I saw that should take

    3 first thing AM
    2 30 min before workout
    1 15 min before workout
    1 right before workout

    My workout is first thing in the morning but I usually do have about 45 min from the time I wake up until I get to the gym. Ok to follow the same plan above? Just didn't want it to be a problem take all 7 in a 45 minute span.
    Hey Dylan,
    I am one of clients of stevesmi, he mentioned you would have a code for ESARMS, can you please send me the code?
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