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    Thanks Dylan. I was looking for notifications on my profile not realizing that visitor messages donít function like the regular messaging feature, my bad . Thank you again
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    Hey Dylan, Can you put me to the right person about an order with S4S? I placed an order Sunday and havenít gotten a confirmation. I get one every time very quickly followed by tracking.
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    Hello any idea as to why domestic supply site is down?
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    Hey Dylan hope youíre doing well. I am currently running mk677, ostarine, and sr9011. I finished a deca, Sust, tbol cycle a couple months ago with pct. Everythingís going well I believe. Gained a total of 22lbs and two months out Iíve held on to about 12lbs of it and strength is stable. I am in my late 40s and pretty sure I have low test after considering all the research I did prior to my cycle and my symptoms (it was my first since a small cycle in college in the 90s.) I of course need to get blood work done for many reasons but also to check for low T. Should I be off the mk and ostarine and sr9011 before I get blood work done? Any guidance from you would be appreciated.
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    I take it you never heard of that before? I also get super bloated When using Anavar and winstrol... im a mystery lol 🤦🏼*♀️🤷🏼*♀️
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    Hi there! I been following you for a long time! I have just started a clen cycle... and I know itís bizarre- but Iím retaining a large amount of water. Any ideas what it might be?
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    Hey man just wanted to say thanks for all the info and guidance you put out there. I watched every damn one of your YouTube videos before starting PEDS. I feel like I really gained a good foundation of knowledge from your content so that I've went about it in a fairly safe manner. So thanks bro, you are appreciated.
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    Whatís up bro?! Iím looking to start a SARMs cycle and currently eyeballing Ostarine, S4 and Cardarine as a stack. Whatís your opinion? Also from what Iíve researched a mild PCT would/could be needed so Iím wondering if itís mild do you think N2Generate would be good
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    Every time I search a source that I hear good things about elsewhere, I see some negative reviews here. Good to know people are being legit here. I need to make sure when I get toremifene itís legit for pct. recommend somewhere? Thanks
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    oh i thought i read its a side effect to raise them a bit. ill stick with this then. one more thing.. my estrogen pretty much crashed. too much adex, im scared to be on 400+ test and not use an AI but to make it back to somewhat normal should i just skip adex for the week of injections then go back to say .25 2x a week?
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