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    Dylan,is it possible to change nickname please? So i dont have to make new acc...personal things..
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    Hi Dylan. I am interested in logging for Banned and I feel I would be an ideal candidate. I have been dieting very hard since the beginning of the new year and making some amazing progress, but I still have a long way to go. I was 251lbs on Jan 1 and I'm at 233lbs as of this morning. I am 38 and spent most of my adult life addicted to drugs. In May 2017 I got sober and started exercising. Coming off of meth left me with an insatiable appetite and I gained 70lbs over the following year. I got my testosterone checked in October of last year and it was in the 300s with free T @3.5. I'm on TRT now and making some serious progress and gains. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I was interested. Also, I love your videos
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    Hey Dylan,
    first of all your videos are the best! I learned so much from them.
    Secondly, I posted my questions here:
    would you mind to take a look at the thread?

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    Hey Dylan I just read on the forum that you are trying a specific brand of Hgh I wanted to here your thoughts and if you could send me a coupon code?
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    Hey Dylan I have been following you on YouTube for a long time and love all your content. I ran Ostarine twice around 6 months back and loved it. I had increased libido, energy, mood was great and overall happy. After getting off Ostarine for a good 4 months I decided to try a rad-140 only cycle. After 3 weeks I got lethargic to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed only to the gym but my workouts I felt amazing. I searched on what to do and everyone told me to ADD A TEST BASE. I talked to a knowledgeable person who told me rad-140 is very anoblic and not very androgenic so it is going to suppress you and not add the increased energy and libido. Ostarine on the other hand is more androgenic so that’s why it increased energy and libido. Would I need to stack Ostarine and rad-140 to clear lethargic issues? I don’t want to start messing with test e. Also can Ostarine substitute as a “test base” and used on cruise.
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    Dylan, can you do a video on DHB please?
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    Recently I noticed my YouTube Red wasn't working upon calling them finally figured out that I was suspended after a couple months of talking to them filing Appeals they have told me that I have violated Community guidelines since I have no YouTube channel or do not ever post I cannot get an answer from them on why when and what I have said do you have another way to get ahold of them to clear these matters up
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    Hi Dylan.
    You've been a great help with your videos.

    I saw in a recent post you said tamoxifan is not the way to go for pct. Can you expand on thos for redirect me to a source of info. Things change and I am trying to stay informed.
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    Hey,ive watched ur vids for over a year.seems like a few have disapeared.
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    Can i stack tren a,deca,and test c,if so whats the amounts
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