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    Whatís up bro?! Iím looking to start a SARMs cycle and currently eyeballing Ostarine, S4 and Cardarine as a stack. Whatís your opinion? Also from what Iíve researched a mild PCT would/could be needed so Iím wondering if itís mild do you think N2Generate would be good
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    Every time I search a source that I hear good things about elsewhere, I see some negative reviews here. Good to know people are being legit here. I need to make sure when I get toremifene itís legit for pct. recommend somewhere? Thanks
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    oh i thought i read its a side effect to raise them a bit. ill stick with this then. one more thing.. my estrogen pretty much crashed. too much adex, im scared to be on 400+ test and not use an AI but to make it back to somewhat normal should i just skip adex for the week of injections then go back to say .25 2x a week?
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    im currently on ostarine and cardarine. not much of a change of anything yet. about 2 weeks but thats ok. anyway, i have tbol leftover from previous cycle but my liver is still a little high. i know ostarine has been said to increase levels a bit but i get much better results from tbol, so is the liver level increase comparable where i should just switch over to tbol for 4 weeks? or is ostarine much milder on the liver? also dont feel like donating every month when on orals so also a reason i went with ostarine. thanks.
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    Iíve taken t3 plenty of times and recovered within 2 weeks back to normal. Thyroid is very resilient but I understand people get nervous about it. I just wasnít sure how it worked with other compounds
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    Thanks, I have some leftover t3 from previous cycle. Ok to throw in low like 50mcg of t3 with the cardarine, ostarine and 400mg test, figured 3-4 more weeks until pct
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    i know you said there is def a point to add ostarine to my test and cardarine cycle but i was just wondering why it would help if its basically just going to help preserve muscle while cutting basically similar to cardarine no? just want to make sure
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    Thanks I will. You are involved with sarms for sale site right so Iíll use them. I have plenty of other sites but figured youíve been helpful. Just got one question, how is the turnaround time? Just because I wanted to start soon never used that site before
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    Thanks a lot I appreciate the help. One last question when it comes to sarms. If Iím going to be on test and cardarine. Stupid to add in ostarine? (Assuming that doesnít raise RBC count either) not sure if it would do any benefit if Iím already on test
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    Quick question about cardarine. I heard that it works best when working out in morning preferably fasted. I donít have enough time to take it and then wait an hour to work out for it to be in my system. Should I take it before bed so itís at least still in my system when I work out? I can work out after work and just take it an hour before but it wonít be faster. I just want to utilitize it the best way thanks
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