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    Thanks. Just about the Andarine - If I can't do a proper split, can I just take a single dose pre workout ? Just wanted to check on that then will place the order. Thanks. M.
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    Hey Dylan,
    I want to go ahead and get the 12 week Cardarine cycle - As due to my job (I work on a ship) its a lot harder for me to get legit stuff for the mini pct for the full cutting stack.
    @ 36 years old, I have done a couple of cycles in the past including AAS, but these last few years I have struggled to get back into a routine, so wanted to kick it off with SARMS till I am back down to the 15% ish BF rage then will go the AAS route again.
    Is there anything else you would suggest I stack with for best results ? Stenabolic ? but I am just concerned with the randomness of my job, I will not be able to stick to the effective dosage of every 4 hours. Would there be any point taking it just before workouts ?
    Cardarine as far as I recall I can single dose in the morning of 20mg / 1ml. correct ?
    I need surgery on my shoulder to remove calcium on my RC, so I will have to take a few days off, no issue right ?
    Thanks brother for all the support you give out.
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    Hey dylan. I know your background is in bodybuilding, but would you have any tips for an athlete on steroids. What compounds, dosages, cycles during the season, etc. I am a basketball player, looking to gain muscle mass, recover faster, and not get tired as easily. Thx
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    Hi dylan, my name is julen I am from Suriname. I don't have a adequate gym history also no adequate steriods use history. But I will start a serieus course at the gym and want to out something up on to it for some serious gians. I have read a lot about steroids and I think I am ready to do my first serious stack. I am 33, 87.5 kg , 1.87.

    I read alot about bulking with Superdrol for the first 4 weeks. Test I already used before 500 mg /week did me good but then I stopped for two years. Had no major side only acne and some water retention. So now I am back and want to take things serious.

    Like I said Superdrol 4 weeks and test for 12 weeks. I will use Aromasin 12.5 e3d.
    But for the protection of my organs I have no idea cause there is a lot on the market right now. Can you give some advice to do this save and which supps I need the most.
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    Thank you!
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    would it be alright to run the ostarine 12 weeks and start the m1 mk maybe half way thru and run it thru pct? Didnít wanna stack or spend a whole lot on the first cycle.
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    Hey Dylan, whatís your take on the 4 week stack cycles esarms has to offer. Iím just getting back in the gym after recovering from a shoulder injury and donít wanna over do it, but Iíve read up on the healing properties ostarine has to offer
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    Hey Dylan. Could I please get the Esarms discount code? About to make my first purchase. Appreciate the help. Thanks.
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    Hey Dylan! Could I get the Esarms %20 off code from ya!! Trying to make my second purchase!!
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    Hi, Any chance I could get the esarms 20% off code? Thanks!!
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