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    Dear Dylan,

    I have never done any cycles. I am very fit except for the fat layer. I would like to use SARMS, unless you recommend something else that is better, to lose fat and add more muscle. What do you recommend I should use with dosages and proper PCT dosages?

    much appreciated!

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    Hi Dylan, is there a long hold on forum posts by new members? I've posted two and I've not seen them appear. Regards.
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    Aloha from Hawaii. Love your vids, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have a question about "Masonic bodybuilder" that's on this forum.. Is he trustworthy?
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    hey so last time ill hit you and u need not respond i get it. anyhow as i mentiond in a prev. email im an ex-con w/fckd up crime fam and hstory, and rlly needed smeones hlp tht had info, and thts the prob w/society thy are afraid of ppl like me so whn a hardened criminal lke myslf rlly wnts to chnge ppl r too scrd to hlp or jst dnt wnt to for pre concvd notions. im rlly on my lst chnce and last bit of hope real tlk, and honstly dnt wnt or need yr sympthy but rembr 4 nxt tme whn smeone lke me asks for hlp it wld do "society" a bnft if smeone wld belive engh in thm tht thy actlly respnd w/a hlpng hnd. anyhw i wsh you the bst and again no need to respnd jst food for thought my boy!! good luck with all your endeavors!!!
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    yeah u did but i replied after that but it says i have to wait till a mod accepts it?
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    hey can u accept my reply to the thread i made? really need your help
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    im merely guessing dylan, maybe ill just send you a pick, lol im not some fat body cat thats a couch potato LMAO, i knw wht youre getting at, ill send you my most recent labs, ill go get my body fat measured today, then reach back out deal??? but your response is typical and thats the real shit im lookin for dylan. maybe when you respond you can tell me how to upload bloods, if you dnt mind, if not ill figure it out.
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    wht i need from you is a person that cld be a consistent help from a hormones perspective,and jst anythng i dnt knw, you have so much knwldge abt shit that wsnt even the "thing" whn i was out, i just could use your help. i have this one shot i figure i got 3 years to get ready to really compete, maybe a few bullshit shoes along the way, but 3-4 years to get primed, i need to put on sme SERIOUS muscle, and also recom a bit. thts where u come in, i dont have hella bread, and FML i just ordered a snall pckge from ASHOP and the recent reviews fuckin stink. as i said in my otr email, ill throw you something if need be because im gonna need alot of info. so for starters im on TRT wanna do a cyle that i can gain quality mass, even thinking of putting together someting for a years duration, so feedback on that would be great. sorry for the book, this is my one fuckin shot dylan, this is it!!! P.S. your vid on 16 weeker w/test.deca/eqand tbol was nice but is it for me. 5'9 265 about 25%
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    Hey dylan you told me to email you which i did, i dont know if it takes that long to go thru all your messages, if so disregard this and maybe just send me a thumbs up, if not i have three emails, the one i emailed you with before i joined form [email protected] , [email protected] (thats encrypted), then the one for this page which is [email protected], anyways when u can i do need some help my man, also need some info as im on TRT my doctor is a moron, and i need some info and prlactin, estrogen and a gang of shit, like i told you in first email i know you got a gang of ppl looking for help so i aint asking so i dnt mind kickin you down a lil something feel me. Anyways ttyl!
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    he dylan was wondering if you have an email so i could shoot you some questions maybe get some feedback?? or figure a way i can private message u b4 100 posts
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