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    Looking for some help with a sarms cycle, since Iím no longer doing a test sust cycle.

    I already have liquids of RAD 140, MK-677, and LGD. Currently otw to my house is Nolva, N2Guard and N2generate.

    Do you think I could stack those 3 sarms together in proper doses and run a mini PCT for 3 weeks w/ nolva and N2G
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    I think some how i ordered the wrong cutting stack or think i can make it work?

    The 12 week one i got came with

    Also got the pct stack with

    The 12 week cutting cycle and the 12 week cutting stack is different on the website didnt notice.
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    Not yet but I'm sure I will soon.

    I'm supposed to get everything tomorrow. Going to take a blood test sometime this week I just need to get time to run away from work to run down to the lab.

    Hopefully all is well and start next week.

    Should also add its been months since I've counted calories/marcos so I have no idea what my TDEE is. So I started today and aiming for 1500 daily intake before any cardio or exercise and see how my body reacts this first week. I was using 1500 on my previous diet when I came down from 200lbs. But I had tons of cheat meals so I'm guessing/hoping my daily requirements are higher now so I can eat a little more.
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    Need some advice.

    I was looking at the 8 week cutting stack. I figure 4 weeks might not be enough and shipping here to HI takes a bit sometimes. I also didnít want to go with the 12 and not need it.

    Iím 5í5Ē 150 now. Iíve gotten down to 139 and I felt like an absolute slug. So Iíve pretty much been hanging around this weight trying to decide if I can suck it up. I was as heavy as 200 eating anything and everything less than a year and a half ago. I donít want to get completely shredded like Iím going to do a show just want to get rid of the fat to get a good starting point.

    Do I need a full PCT with this cutting stack? Every time I look up the individual items I need most are not SARMs. Sorry shouldnít of said all are not SARMS but I guess I should say not very harmful ones.

    Besides regular bloodwork and organ support looking for some guidance. I want to make sure I got everything a head of time.
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    My bad for acting like a dickhead, where can I send you a pic
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    Post said needs advice, not dickhead to give me a hard time and not help
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    When I say good foundation I mean, I am fit and strong. Body fat might be lower.
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    In your opinion, do you think either YK-11 or MK677 is better when added to a bulking cycle with testosterone enanthate and NPP?
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    Man YouTube banned you again where can I see your vids
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    Hello i just saw one of your videos on youtube need your guidance iam 39 one month in the gym 5,11 210 pounds want to try osterinev
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