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    Hi I just recieved my order from sarms and I was wondering what dosage I should do of all 3 that you recommended me, astarine, cardarine and ostarine, also will it give me the jitters or any feelings while on it. Thanks for your help.
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    How long does gw501516 last for? I purchased some last year and was wondering if its still safe.
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    Hey buddy, thanks so much for the advice.. I grabbed a few things from sarms4sale and I wanted to get some test-c from DS... I noticed there are a few diff. brands and prices on 200mg/ml.. Which is the best one?
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    What would the ideal proper age be?
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    Iím aware of young age and possible effects of use. And not that it makes a huge difference but the more appropriate age is 24 considering I have a birthday next month. however, it is something I would like to use for a cycle either way. And why not go to someone with more knowledge instead of winging it myself? It just seems like a smarter decision if Iíll go for it anyways
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    23 yo, 5í8Ē, currently 175, I canít pinpoint an actual percentage on body fat but Iíd say roughly 13% rounding up. Never tried this stuff before but I think it will help accelerate the time it takes to reach what I used to be for sure. And for goals, I guess the first thing would to be to reach the absolute peak of my bodyís performance and secondary goal would be to ge to get rid of this excess body fat and lastly I want some serious muscle bulk gains
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    Can you help me create a good stack and possibly any other extra stuff I might need to add to the mix? Really, Iím just trying to get shredded and stack a lot of muscle without getting bitch tits or that protruding roid stomach. Iíve done some research and Iím still struggling to build the perfect stack. I donít want to order bits and pieces so Iím trying to buy all of my gear at one time. Currently, Iíve decided to go with domestic supply. I greatly appreciate your help and what you do for the forum community. Also if youíre really willing to give me a nudge in the right direction could you possibly drop your email in your reply? I just have a few questions about all of this and the quicker Iím informed the quicker I can take advantage of the extra free time I have from the COVID 19 pandemic
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    Hey Dylan,

    I submitted a post for a cycle review in the "Anabolic Steroids and PEDs" forum. Is there a specific process I need to go through to get it approved and have it show up?

    EDIT: It is now visible. Thanks
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    Hi Dylan, I've watched your videos. Always very informative. I have doing compounds since I was 21. I am 48 today. Mostly I've been cycling low TestE. I bought TestE, TrenE and MastE for the summer. I've done all compounds before, but never Tren and Masterone in one cycle. I will shoot TestE at 250 Mg pw for 16 weeks, but I want to split up TrenE and MasteroneE for each 8 weeks. Both compounds with 200 Mg pw. My question: should I take TrenE first and finish off with DrostaE? What makes sense?

    Thank you

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    Hi, I was wondering if you could send me your best sources? I know you probably get that a lot, but I want to hear it from you directly please? And was wondering if you have a discount code for any of them I could use? Thanks.
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