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    My bad for acting like a dickhead, where can I send you a pic
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    Post said needs advice, not dickhead to give me a hard time and not help
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    When I say good foundation I mean, I am fit and strong. Body fat might be lower.
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    In your opinion, do you think either YK-11 or MK677 is better when added to a bulking cycle with testosterone enanthate and NPP?
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    Man YouTube banned you again where can I see your vids
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    Hello i just saw one of your videos on youtube need your guidance iam 39 one month in the gym 5,11 210 pounds want to try osterinev
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    Hey Dylan do you coach?
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    Is there an esarms product like nutrobal that can increase appetite?
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    I want dry hard gains and to be a great deal stronger deca made me a little bloated it seemed. I want to get even stronger but either maintain my bf percentage or drop it ideally drop it a little to where core muscle is more visible. The New Cycle i had mentioned is the cycle i was sold here recently but have not started. In another post you had stated that the aromasin was too high for that cycle. Which is the same as my old cycle. The new cycle i posted is the one i was sold but haven't started. Is the aromasin in that cycle at 20mg every other day good? Or not? Im just looking for advice on that i guess since you seem to be the go to i was hoping you had some tweaks or opinions. the pct cycle at the end i was gonna add hcg for two weeks and maybe a testbooster.
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    Okay sorry.
    I'm 28 6'3 210lbs right now around 14% body fat.
    Age 26 First cycle just took test at 500 a week. Everything went great so 4 months passes and I go on a deca and test cycle. No issues either. Everything worked really well strength and size went up of course. The mentioned old cycle was my most recent cycle it was 4 months ago and ive had no issues theres been a small drop off in weight but thats it maybe a little lethargy. Right now my bench is at 325x4 I dont have a workout partner so its hard to max. Squat at 530 Deadlift at 400 even. sorry i gotta cut it into two post.
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