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    Hi Dylan.
    You've been a great help with your videos.

    I saw in a recent post you said tamoxifan is not the way to go for pct. Can you expand on thos for redirect me to a source of info. Things change and I am trying to stay informed.
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    Hey,ive watched ur vids for over a year.seems like a few have disapeared.
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    Can i stack tren a,deca,and test c,if so whats the amounts
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    Hey bro would you be able to help with a pct for Lgd, running 12 weeks @ 10mg a day in am. 22 years old
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    Awesome, thank you for clarifying, ill stick to your dosage regime!

    thanks again mate
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    Hey Dylan,
    Thank you for all of the information you have spread over the years on sarms, I'm 35 and have been training for about 15 years, doing a vast array of training from strongman, powerlifting and body building.

    I have never done any anabolics, however now I've had my kids, and after months of research on gear, peptides and sarms. I've decided on sarms.

    I'm currently out of shape, sitting at 15% bf, 85kg and 5'8.

    Training 4 days a week with a light cardio on off days.

    Now my question which I'm probably over thinking it. Is in relation to s4 dose timing. I understand the half of s4 is 4-6hours.

    So if I take my first dose 25mg at 7am should my next dosage be around 1pm?

    The reason for my question is. I don't usually train until around 5pm which will mean the half life of my 1pm dose will only have 1 to 2 hours. Do I delay my second dosage to around 4pm to get the most benefit out of s4? Or am I just over thinking everything? hahah!

    Thanks again for you time!
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    Hlo can you help me ?
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    Does hgh not go bad in the mail I thought it was supposed too be kept cold at all times or a certain temp
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    Hi Dylan, love your posts. Just wanna go over my first sarm cycle. Im 44yom, 511, 190lb. Doing crossfit for 4y. 5x a week. Looking for endurance and strength:

    1-12 GW-501516 - 20mg ED in AM
    1-12 sr9009 - 30mg ED 5 mg split doses 2-3 hours apart
    1-12 S4 - 50mg ED 25mg in AM and 25mg 4-6 hours later
    9-12 DGA POST CT

    Mini pct 13-16
clomid 50/25/25/25
    gw-501516 - 20mg ED

    Do I need more Test Booster during the cycle and after since Im 44 and my Test is low due to my age? Thanks for your help?
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    Bro I need usa domestic sources. Ive bought from drugsgear once and workd great very surprised first time ever but alans prices are way high. Could you help?
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