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  • Hey what up dude and thank you for your advice on my thread. I wanted to pm you in regards to what you said not knowing if it was right to ask on the post.. you said there was a rep on the thread that could sell me a bunch of gear etc..I have a source for my gear but have lost trust so I was wondering if I can find it here?
    Hi there,
    This is Jasen from LMC. Do you need any of the following products for personal use or resell?
    1. AAS raws( test, deca, tren, dbol...)
    2. HGH ( blue tops, black tops, hygetropin, jintropin, kig...)
    3. semi-finished oils, cutting blend
    4. Peptides(Melanotan 2, EPO, cyc1295, IGF LR3-1...)
    5. Sarms raws (GW501516, MK-677, SR9009....)
    International and US/EU local shipping available. Please feel free to reply and get more details now

    Email: [email protected]
    Can't say for sure brother. It's at the discretion of our orders crew. If they fel the need to split it, they will. You will know if it's split because it will tell you in the order status on your account. If it is split you can provide us with a 2nd address and we can ship them simultaneously...otherwise you'll have to alert us when the first one lands so we can send the second one.

    Most likely an order that small would be shipped in one package though.
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