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  • You are talking about Geneza Pharmaceuticals, there Gear is Underdosed sometimes.
    It's Up and Down, there's a Picture on this Site of someone's Geneza Gear, it looks like Motor Oil, and that's no Joke.
    If you want Reliable Gear, that won't put you in the Poorhouse. they sell Gear from Gymlabs, I've used it a few times, it's Reliable, it's Domestic U.S.
    There's No Minimum, and it Ships fast............................ JP
    Yes, where are you getting your Gear from.
    With what you've been Running, you should be getting a Whole Lot, not a Barely Noticeable Effect.
    The last time that I was running Test & Deca.
    I was Cumming off an Injury, hadn't worked out for over 1 Year.
    I went from Benching maybe 60 Lb DB's for Reps, to Benching 110 Lb DB's for Reps in 10 Weeks.
    I also put on almost 30 Lbs., about 12 of that was Water......................... JP
    So if you've not seen something Comparable, I'd be giving your Gear a Hard Look.
    There's Plenty of Great Spots here, both Public and Private.
    Did I get this Correctly, you saw No Strength Increase from your Cycle ?
    If I got that Right, you Test was Bunk, on 500 Mg a Week, you should have been making a Steady Upward Increase with All Lifts.......... JP
    As far as not seeing any Improvement with your Chest & Shoulders.
    That could be a couple diff things, everyone is going to have Body Parts that just Progress quicker than others.
    It could also be your Training Technique (this would be what I would look at 1st).

    Let me ask you this, Are you seeing Steady Improvement in Strength in both the Chest & Shoulders.
    Are you seeing Strength Improvements on a Weekly or Bi-weekly Basis..................... JP
    OK, as far as BF%, you really want to get down to at least 13%, before you would try any Cutting Cycle.
    This is Assuming that you have your Diet Nailed Down.
    If your Diet is Sloppy, All the AAS on the Planet will do No Good.
    Remember AAS are Not Fat Burners, they are Enhancers.
    You can't Enhance Fat, that you have to Lose it via Diet & Cardio.

    Don't Worry about the Primobolan for now, that's for Pre-Show, when you're down under 8% BF.

    A good Cutter, that's not Too Expensive would be Like a 12 Week Cycle
    Test Prop - 50 Mg EOD (weeks 1 to 12
    Tren A - 50 to 75 Mg EOD (weeks 1 to 12)
    Anavar - 40 to 60 Mg every day (week 1 to 4)
    Winny - 40 Mg every day (week 8 to 12)

    Aromasin - after 1st week at 12.5 Mg EOD till end of Cycle

    PCT - would vary depending on if you are Sensitive to Clomid, if not, I would do Nolva & Clomid
    Week 13 to 17
    Clomid 50/50/25/25
    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Aromasin if needed 12.5 mg EOD for 1st two weeks, drop to 7.5 for last two weeks.......... JP
    I'm sure that you've Heard this Before, but do try and get that BF% down before starting a Cutting Cycle.
    Try a Good Lower Carb Diet, or having your Carbs before Noon in the Day, or even Cycling your Carbs.
    Sometimes it takes a little back and forth, to see what works best for your Body Type.

    OK, as for the Test P and Tren A.
    50 Mg each 3 x a Week is a good place to start
    If you are Tolerating the Tren after a week, you can Increase it to 75 Mg.................. JP
    It's better to have the Tren A higher than the Test.
    The Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio of Test is 100/100
    For Tren it's 500/500.
    You want to let the Tren do it's work.
    For a Cutting Cycle, there's a couple of ways that you could go.
    It Really all depends on where your BF% is.
    I've gotten Very Good Results from Prop/Tren A combo.
    If your BF, is low enough, you could toss in some Masteron.
    You could also toss in some Anavar up front for 1st 4 Weeks, and Oral Winstrol for last 4 Weeks.
    NPP and Prop is another Combo........................ JP
    Primobolan is Excellent, you just need to be Careful who you get it from.
    There's Ton's of Fake Primo around, as well as Fake Anavar.
    OK, you Definitely don't want to Add Trenbolone.
    You are already doing Deca. Deca & Tren are 19-Nor's, and the Possibility of Side Effects would go up Significantly. You never want to run Two 19-Nor's at the same time.
    If you've Never done Tren before, wait until you just do a Cutting Cycle to do it.
    Something like Test P/Mast/Tren A - this way the Risk of Side Effects goes down.
    Also, if you do get any Sides, you'll know that it's the Tren.
    I would Add the Prop & Winny, and also cut down on the Deca to like 250 or 300 Mg a Week.
    That will Minimize any Bloat that the Deca may be causing, but still give you some Help with your Joints.
    If you're having a Lot of Water Retention, you could also Drop the Test E down to 300 Mg a week.
    If you drop the Test E down, just make sure that the Deca is lower than the Test E................. JP
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