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  • Hey my name is Brandon. I know I'm new here but I came across a thread that said to ask you for sources of hgh bc you didn't want to see us get ripped off. I've bought steroids many many many many times and I have a source for that but I've never bought hgh and I've been doing a lot of research. Is there any way you can point me in a good direction?
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    mate any chance of an hgh source saw you posted about good quality kefei??? wickr miamifunk but would need ship to australia
    Hey,Hurricane ! Is rayolen here. I must write 100 post to send private message . SO i must write her.
    The day after i talked to you i got logged out from my mobile,and cant login. So this is the only place i can conntact you.
    Maybe i write the wrong email when i registred,becouse i got no email after "writing my username? Can you check what email "rayolen is registred with,becouse my email is [email protected].
    Best Regards Rayolen!
    hey hurricane,
    im a semi new member here on evo. joined a couple months back. Anyways im going to be starting a log chronicolizing my journey to the 2015 new england championships, training, diet used, supps, DRUGS and source review, dosges, etc. my question is what sub forum would it be best started in. i dont wan to address something in my log and then be told it belongs in another section. appreciate the help in advance
    Hello dear Hurricane, I want to begin to advertise my website here on your forum. It is very interesting because you have a big auditory. I asked much guys and they said me that you are TOP MOD here, and you can help me with review section and other. Can you do this? Please reply me, I can't send you a PM because my number of post's is to little. If you can please reply me at: [email protected]
    hi, hurricane,
    i post a thread half an hour before, but can not monitor, i am worried about there is somewhere break the rules, do you mind to let me know and i will modify it.

    thanks bro
    Hey I cannot yet reply to your pm. I hope you see this:

    Yes I told him I was referred by you and found him through this board. He gave me the hurricane discount.
    Hello. I figured out I can pm you through the visitors messages. Yes, I am on Ironmag. Not sure why my forum got taken down. Prince only told me it was a mistake and I am back up and running. You will see that I have very good references from Prince and members at Ironmag and Anabolicsteroidforums. I am also on Promuscle and '
    I have a banner currently up here at this forum. I had it put up last year I believe. I am working on getting my post count up. If I am doing anything out of line or outside your guidelines please lmk.

    Thank you, Samson
    Hi, I have a question. If I'm too young for ass or prohormones then am I able to go for sarms?
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