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  • New to this site as well as lifting and saw on the forums you had used Dbol, how were the results from that? And is it still possible to purchase?
    These MFers keep Blocking things.
    Pain in my Fucking ASS, excuse my French.
    The site is Steroid, followed by .com
    Hey Bro, I noticed your Thread, " Is this all i need for my cycle".
    You can go with Gearheads recommendation, but I have a Less Expensive Method.

    1st Off, you only need the HCG for a Max of 4 weeks at 250 iu 3 x a week
    This would run from Week 10 to 14, just before you would Start your SERMS.

    There's also an HCG and Nolva Six Week PCT, this is what I use, because I don't Tolerate Clomid very well.
    Knocks out my Libido, and makes me Lethargic and Depressed.

    I'll give you the Link, but the Dose of HCG is for a Longer Cycle, so the 250 iu 3x a week for 4 weeks would be good.
    Followed by 6 Weeks on just the Nolva.

    Something to keep in Mind, just in case you have a Problem with Clomid................ JP
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