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    Hi Jbranken,
    I have been reading these posts for a few months now and finally joined. I really need your guys' help. I know I haven't established a reputation yet, but hopefully I can prove that very quickly. I am in my mid 30's and use to 'use' in my late teens and early 20's. I am not a bodybuilder and I am not trying to abuse this stuff, but I really need some nandro and TRT for therapeutic reasons. I have lab work to prove it. I work for a lab and have noticed the steady decline and was approved by a middle man company, but they want to charge me an arm and a leg for minimal quantity. I went to the doc and they are scared and uneducated in this field. It's so frustrating! I am en educated guy so you can use scientific terms with me, but I am catching up on all the slang, so bare with me. You guys posted legit sources, yet I cannot find them when I look them up. I am obviously missing something. Can you guys help me? I would appreciate this and be a comrade for life. Thanks!
    im assuming thats you in your avi?
    thats similar to the phyisque im going for man nice job.
    Hello jbranken hope You are doing great.. first time here but been member of elitefitness (eljesse) for looong time.. I saw the trade post that You have some test.. I'm interested on test cyp or enanthate.. two vials of 10ml.. or what do you have on hands
    Thanks and hope we get in touch..
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